What will happen to me?
Sir Maximus works by supporting the bodys natural blood flow to the penis, this creating larger fuller erections, and a noticibally larger penis in a flaccid state. Within the first week you will notice your penis will be Thicker and Longer, your erections will be bigger, and your overall stamina and sexual performance will be greatly enhanced.

Will Sir Maximus help my impotence?
Indeed, infact many of our customers, have switched from dangerious prescription medications, not only because Sir Maximus is many times cheaper, and the success rate is higher, but because there are none of the serious side effects that happen with these prescription medicines.

Will Sir Maximus help my premature ejactulation?
Yes, you will find you can go longer and have more control over ejactulation time when you are on Sir Maximus.

Will Sir Maximus make my penis bigger?
Absolutly! within the first week your new healthy penis will be longer and thicker than it ever was. Sir Maximus supports the bodys natural blood flow in the penis, creating a larger looking penis, and guaranteed rock hard erections every time.

What do the contain?
The complex formula behind Sirmaximus, consists of 15 herbs, as follows:

Mucuna Prusita 40mg
Loh Bhasam 30mg
Asparangur Racemosus 30mg
Anacydus Pyrethrum 30mg
Asparagus Adscendens 30mg
Nelumbo Nucifera 25mg
Withania Somnifera 25mg
Tribulus Terrestris 20mg
Euphorbia Antiquorum 20mg
Myrstica Fragrans 20mg
Tripang Bhasam 15mg
Abharak Bhasam 15mg
Suddha Shilajit 10mg
makardwaj 10mg
Crocus Sativus 5mg

Are there any side effects?
Sir Maximus is an all natural blend of sex tonics, and aphrodisiacs derived from herbs that have been used in ancient medicine for 1000s of years. Most people wont experience and adverse side effects. However if you have and serious health conditions or taking medication, you must review there ingredients with your doctor.

Where is Sir Maximus Shipped from?
We have shipping centres in Europe, New Zealand, and Asia. We will send you your order from one of these locations, and strive to get you your packet a quick as possible. With over 10 years exporting / importing experience, we are well accustomed to each countries specific requirements.

How long does it take to get my order?
Generally all orders are processed and shipped within 24hrs. Delivery times usually take 6 - 12 days depending on your locality. Should there be any problems processing your order we will contact you. Else you can expect to get a billing receipt and shipping confirmation via email within 24hrs. If this not arive, the email may be blocked by your email provider, in which case please call or email us from a different email.

Do I have to pay any import duties?
We ship Sir Maximus with a low order value on the declaration, and therefore usually there will be no tax, duty issues, or customs delays. If you are charged any tax on import, this is your responsability to pay.

Is Sir Maximus guaranteed?
Absolutely! If in the unlikely event you are not 100% satisfied, We offer a 60 day money back guarantee on all our products, and will refund you for any number of unopened bottles, and upto 1 opened bottle, even if its completely empty. Please contact our support staff if you are wanting to return your order.

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After having been unable to achieve a half decent erection and not being able to afford some of the doctor prescribed medicines, I had been scouring the internet for a solution to my problem. Finally after many weeks I found Sir Maximus, and it works tremendously on my limp penis, and also since Iíve been regularly taking it for 2 months, I have experienced a noticeable difference in the size of it too.

Harold 33, Geneva

Thanks to Sir Maximus I can finally satisfy my wife like never before. There was a time when she could even tell I was in, but now she says she can totally tell the difference.
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